The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofing


The residential roofing and commercial roofing has the same purpose but they still have a lot of differences. When you go to contractors who provide roofing services, the first thing that they will ask you is that, if they will do roofing construction on a residential home or on a commercial building? Commercial and residential roofing has many differences, for example in the structural needs of the building or home and the designs, the cost of the roofing service, the materials that will be used and many more.

Here are the difference between residential and commercial roofing:

A.) Structural needs

Look at the size of the roof of a mall and the size of the roof of a residential house. Obviously, you will need a bigger sized roof for commercial buildings. Residential and commercial roofing uses different types of fixtures and has different load requirement and materials. When installing a commercial roof they will need a bigger load  capacity since they will make use a lot  of different materials.

B.) Functions

The residential and commercial roofs both has different specialized constructions depending on their functions. For example,  the materials that they will use in installing commercial roofs will actually depend on the function of the commercial building. If they will make use of heavy machinery in the commercial building then the  roofing material of the building should be able to take the heat that is released by these machines. For residential roofs they are made depending on the personal preference of the homeowner. You may contact the best commercial roofing companies contractors near you.

Commercial roofs requires more protrusions than a residential roof. An example would be, for residential houses, they need skylights and chimneys, while for commercial roofs it will need a ventilation system, pipes, roof entrances, smoke stacks and other mechanical needs. 

C.) Skill and knowledge of roofers

Commercial and residential roofers has different knowledge and skills in their area. For commercial roofers, should know the function of the building and the things that affect the will affect the construction of the roof. Residential roofers should know what are the wants and needs of the homeowners so they would know what type of roof to install.

D.) Contractors

There are some houston roofing companies that could not do commercial roofing because they do not have that much manpower. Since commercial roofs are much bigger than residential roofs it requires more laborers. The larger the job the more workers are needed.